Write/Wrong II

MYSTI Community “College” over-extends herself once again to provide a course of action for the largely inactive. Has your life of art-working been at the mercy of jet-settlers who have access to unending educational courses of self-spectacularization? YALE NO WE WON’T GO! For those of us left producing only questionable material… BARDfuckers BANNED! What might be said if we had a room of OUR own? GoldsmithsYourself! How might queer theory write if unscathed by pedigree instead maybe left as unpublished weirdness? The brand-name educated, conversational colonialists are not welcome here. How does thought arrange itself in a room of persons who gather together for no other purpose, with little to gain and even less to lose?


Terms changed and so did she, as in me, MYSTI: Let us together articulate a new resistance movement… a new separatism for those of us experiencing life as un-certified minds within a rubric that values us for this very in/experience. A non-event; a non-happening; a non-recognition is also a way of bringing persons together, so let us explore this space in which we share… unattached to authorship or the mandate to conclude prematurely, because none of us are done yet.

Space is limited because I perform these functions unpaid, and I am a very difficult personality (mostly the latter). Interested participants should create a CV that has meaning and attach it to an email – mystismonthly@gmail.com – of 10 words or less about the last time you indulged in or refrained from masturbation… make me feel your choice… the urge… the burden… regardless the in/action. Because sometimes doing something is as unremarkable as not doing it.

I have low expectations. We will meet once or twice and spend most of the course between and thereafter constructing an author-less, open ended written work via WhatsApp or Telegram making a mess over this indiscreet conveyor belt of artist-production that rather uncritically re-brands children with means as precious.

We might consider: Returning to Reims, Gentrification of the Mind, or The Undercommons recognizing of course that these were written from tenured positions within the University industrial complex, so I ask what might be written by an amorphous, self-determining outside?


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